5-6 December 2019 in Uman held a two-day workshop "Uman (in) famous"

5-6 December 2019 in Uman held a two-day workshop "Uman (not) known", designed to raise prospertown urban themes and to bring new formats of presentation. The workshop program were introduced to new approaches to conducting tours with different formats to attract the audience. Methodology of excursions to famous places of Uman and gave the participants new knowledge and skills how to develop routes, how to pick up visual and interactive material as to incorporate the history of those communities, that in consequence of the radical transformations of the twentieth century have been relocated or exterminated and the legacy which floated in the public space of the city, as they built a communication with a tour group.

The Guild of guides fulfilled seminar in Uman in full: it was an interesting and busy days. In a wide range of guides of Cherkassy, Kiev, Lviv, ethnographers, historians, representatives of tourist companies, Museum workers, we had the opportunity to explore the "Uman (NOT)known", discussed the presentation of the methodological development of urban walk and map the Jewish Uman; actively researched the problem of historical narratives, “How to tell about the Ukrainians/poles/Jews in Uman and Uman empires?”.
Sometimes it was a dialogue, sometimes a dispute, often the discussion about rethinking the problematic and contentious historical moments.

Thanks to the organizers Center for urban history and the cultural Department of Uman city Council)
for an interesting experience, challenging questions, new friends and inspiration to discover new topics.