A two-day seminar-training "Patriotic tours Cividino 2019"

2 day super intensive workshop-training "Patriotic tours Cividino 2019" under the guidance and with the assistance of the Kyiv regional youth center in conjunction with the Department of youth policy and national-Patriotic education CODE, public Association "Guild of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters", Public initiative "Root nation", all-Ukrainian public initiative "Patriotic tours of Ukraine" on the basis of children's institutions of rehabilitation and recreation Camp "Star"(the village of Karapyshi, Myronivsky district, Kyiv region) has opened a new Patriotic locations, new directions, new names. Such measures pave the way for the formation of new connections, generate new warm, fun, open to new ideas, meanings and possibilities.
The Chairman of the Guild of Natalia Pirogov was invited to the project as a trainer and expert.
We hope that the ideas that were shared with colleagues, give birth to the new Patriotic routes will promote the history, culture, traditions of our land and inspire us even more to open my heart for love.

Photo: Nikolai Bogatyr