Guides Guild tested the new tourist attraction RealMatrix - Space VR adventure

So, briefly on prefinished brain our guides almost exploded from the experience range of emotions! And all thanks to the incredible virtual-reality experience RealMatrix - Space VR adventures, who kindly invited the Guild guides to see the new tourist attraction. to visit the new attraction in Kiev:

1. to understand how in control of your own brain and body;
2. make sure to really not afraid of heights;
3. to overcome your fears and pesky tremors in the legs (especially the thought of skydiving or bungee jumping);
4. to fly;
5. to feel like a super-hero;
6. to hit the target and earn points to test himself at the highest level;
7. take a look at ourselves in the video;
8. to realize who just need to bring the impressions;
9. reboot;
10. to understand that this was a birthday celebration...

You can continue, but let everyone make conclusions on our own experience!

Text and photo: Elena Borisenko, Elena Deryabina, L. Filimonova, Natalia Pirogova