The Guild of guides in the tourism business Breakfast

The business-Breakfast– this is when the souvenir shop becomes a cosy place for the presentation of new projects.
Coffee passed surprisingly interesting presentation of the hosts of today's event
The people's house Ukraine, during which there were proposals of cooperation with tour guides, tour operators , hotels.
Also during the event, Guild guides had the opportunity to review the updated draft Kyiv PASS, started in 2017, which presented the new website and its new features aimed to make the stay of guests even more comfortable.
And of course delicious presentation from Candied fruit and Kiev Dry Jam.
We, as guides, very pleased with the fact that in Kiev restored the old recipes, keeping the authenticity of the product. This was emphasized by the producers themselves sweet brand of our city: Kiev dry jam not possible to buy abroad.
Business Breakfast in the circle of friends – a great suggestion from Kyiv Tourism Association to communicate, to exchange opinions, to receive interesting offers. And, by the way, congratulations to all involved with the upcoming holiday, because tomorrow is world Tourism Day!