The Guild of guides recommends!

We have started to recommend you places where tourists can feel at home. Where they are hospitably take care of them, where they are cozy and comfortable. Even in the summer, we noticed a hotel-restaurant complex "Tunnel of Love" with a special sign, and recently had the opportunity to tourists to ensure that there is constantly a high level of comfort and service!
Arriving in the Tunnel of "Love", you can not only admire the beauty of this romantic place, but also to relax, eat lunch, drink coffee, charge phone, buy quality Souvenirs and amber at the memory. A sanitary area is also at your service.
For those who dream about a cozy holiday, here is a small, modern hotel.
And we know that soon there will be and a space that will host several hundred guests (weddings, conferences, festivals, various events).
We wish the owners to realize all our plans in life and wait for the new season in Klevan with new features!

Photo and recommendation of our guide Natalia Gorbachev