The Guild of guides celebrate the Malanka!

On this day, 13 January Ukrainians celebrate Christmas eve.
This day early in the morning Housewives start to prepare generous Christmas pudding, baked pancakes, pies and dumplings; cooked Goodies for setoudeh and Polevaya.
And starting from evening until midnight serouse and Malankara went around the house...
Since our professional community is a big family of guides and guide-interpreters, we continue our regular meetings and celebrate the Malanka together in a friendly circle!
Today our venue was the Art Café Bucatariathat near the Golden Gate.
Here you can not only eat colored dumplings, but try to find your taste among ... 125 varieties of wines and liquors! The institution has its own library, a place for creative meetings, it is cozy and a friendly atmosphere.
Worth a look here while walking around the city, especially works of art-cafe to 02:00!
But today we are not only eating together but also learn about Ukrainian Christmas traditions and rituals from a consummate storyteller, writer Alex Gedeonov! Especially for our guides he supplies many interesting legends, and versions of little known facts about your favorite holidays!

As we walked, wandered
And sekiwake met.
With it, we came to a house,
Let me medronate!
Happiness, joy, prosperity,
In the guard - angel.
Let them come to the house
Friends are loyal and fun
Sea of laughter and love!
All were healthy!