The guides Guild celebrates first anniversary!

Today NGO "Guild of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters" celebrates first anniversary!
This year a small team of like-minded people into a powerful community of professionals that have gathered the best of the best! We are proud of our guides, we grow together with them and believe that together we can overcome any obstacles and to raise tourism to a new level!
This year, thanks to our team, we did a lot:
- Held 11 free tours for residents and guests of the capital
- Organized 14 of the city's museums for guides,
- 12 thematic tours for guide including walking tours, bus trips, kayaking
- 9 training events, including first aid courses, a seminar on peace and conflict studies, lectures and workshops
- Started the First annual conference on the history of ekskursioone "KIEVAN CHRONICLE"
- Conducted 20 presentations interesting for guides and tourists locations
- Signed 14 partnership agreements with the best representatives of the tourist market
- Become trainers in the project "Patriotic tours of Kyiv" participated in the formation and development of new tourist routes, which will popularize little-known little-known places of Kyiv
- Won the first prize in the annual awarding of the best professionals of the tourist market of Ukraine Kyiv Tourism Awards in the category "Best tour Desk Kyiv".
But no figures can describe the tremendous but invisible work that makes the Guild daily. This year we have become not only a community, which brings together guides, but a real Union, a generator of ideas, started new trends in the tour business because we care about the future of our profession.
We are grateful to all who supported us, who believes in us is very valuable and inspiring! We have much to be proud of and we have a great desire, strength and energy to develop and grow further.