The Guild of guides presented the award For "Рreservation of history"

Awarding worthy people's differences was held in UKRINFORM assistance WTO "ORDER" is the national manufacturer awards.
The Guild of guides had the great honor to present the award For "preservation of history" one of the most famous researchers, for many years curator and popularizer of history, the contemporary chronicler, writer, historian-archivist Mikhail Kalnitsky.
Michael Miller is widely known for guides for his historical research, references, guides, books and articles. For many years he is the most loved lecturer on the activities of the League of guides Kyiv, his lectures are a model for many over the use of sources of visual information, logic of presentation and accessibility.
The Guild of guides the Board decision was awarded to Mikhail Khodorkovsky Kalnitsky title: "Honorary and Life member of the Guild of Guides" for many years of significant contribution to research, study, preservation and popularization of history of Kyiv.
We are proud to capture and celebrate the activities of N. Would.Kalnitsky.
Wish Mikhail Borisovich new research, discoveries and forces for the protection and preservation of heritage and inspiration to promote the property!
As very aptly put by the Director of the WTO "Order" Alexander Sopov: "If your valour will not be rewarded, and meanness will be punished".