III Forum guides in Lviv

The forum guides in Lviv - it's about tourism, culture, history.
It's about the gastronomy of chips and capabilities.
It's about trends and brands. On the interaction of guides and Museum staff.
About the city's history not through the national mrinalini and shapes that it did. It's about the city as hypertext. And how he tells stories: the singing of birds, coats of arms on the facades of buildings, locations of old films. It's about how to tie all these individual stories into a single narrative.
But first and foremost is ABOUT PEOPLE.
Those who like Sisyphus, pushing the country's tourism in the mountain, in spite of difficulties and obstacles.
Si were very pleased to see their colleagues: to talk, to consult, to learn and to share experiences.
Such events are a great benefit to the participants, motivate, and give space for reflection.
We are grateful to the organizers of the event, and this is Lviv Tourism Office and the Department of tourism and resorts of Lviv regional state administration for excellent organization of the event, for the relevant theme panel.
Special thanks for the speakers: informative, professional, interesting.

PS a Bunch of prizes won will go to Kiev, because our girls - lucky)