Round table on tourism development in Kyiv

Here today, on the territory of Museum of folk Architecture And Life (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky) held a Round Table with the participation of Governor of the Kyiv regional state administration BNO-Ayriyan Michael karanovich, head of the Kyiv Tourism AssociationAnton Taranenko, head of the TH Root of the nation - a journey through the centuries Ukraine Nikolai Bogatyr, representatives of the Ukrainian-Chinese Business Council, Chairman of the Association of tour operators of the Chernobyl zone Jaroslav Emelianenko and us, guides Guild Guides Guild.

Mayors, heads of the GSS, the heads of various agencies, representatives of business the event brought together a large number Nabadwip to tourist business people, so talking about the development of tourism of the Kyiv region, about the possibility of improving the condition of tourist sites in the region and promotion.
Next will be!