The legend of Kiev Anatoly ekskursioone Halepa celebrated its 85th anniversary!

Guru ekskursioone meter of local history and unique routes, Teacher, philosopher, thinker, kyyevoznavets, the mastermind, a tireless traveler and Explorer, a charismatic storyteller Anatoly Trofimovich Halepa celebrated its 85th anniversary in a circle of colleagues, disciples, admirers and friends.
In a comfortable and friendly library
Public library named after Lesya Ukrainka, Kyiv-called , under the applause and cheering met and respected Anatoly Trofimovich.
The guides Guild, the League of guides Kyiv, colleagues, friends, fans sang, congratulated, gave flowers and gifts, poems and recognition.
It was incredibly warm and memorable day, not only in the life of a celebrant, but also in the lives of all who came to the party.
The main message is gratitude to the Teacher for the world of travel, love of Kiev and Ukraine, which he reveals for the flame and thirst for knowledge, which he ignites others and boundless enthusiasm of the new and unknown!
Many years, Maestro!