Museum at the Postal square - to BE!

Many of you who have heard about the unlimited action historians, archaeologists and volunteers who strive to create a Museum at the Postal square.
They attract the attention of Kyiv residents, officials and experts with a single purpose - to protect and preserve monuments of history, archeology, architecture of local and national significance. They dream to return the Postal square of its importance to the cultural, historical and tourist centre, with the creation of full-fledged modern Museum on the site finds with a permanent collection of artifacts and cultural values, taking account of the monuments, which are located at the Postal square. This laborious, difficult case will considerably improve the tourist attractiveness of Kyiv, will facilitate the resumption of water tourism and development of unique tourist routes.
Ukrainians must know their history, to see her, to respect the past and shape the future of Ukraine!
But until that happens, you can support the Museum on the Mail, book a tour, learn about the Division what he never knew and to clearly see what secrets you hide the Mailbox area.

That's what today did our guides, because only through knowledge about the past can be understood Segodnya. Thank you Mrs. Olga Rutkovskaya your hard work to preserve the history of Kiev and for the interesting report!
Museum on the Mail - to BE!

Photo: Gorbachev Natalia