National Museum of the famine-genocide: continued cooperation

Cool shining September morning was for members of the Guild of guides working and productive. Another meeting with the theme of the tragic, but very important for the Ukrainians - the Holodomor. Thanks to the professional, professional, meaningful assistance to representatives and heads of national Museum of the famine-genocide, the Guild of guides has a chance to get acquainted with the topic of the Holodomor in Ukraine, to look at the documents and memories that are presented in exposit Museum and archival sources. In the Museum there is an active restructuring of the new phase of the Museum grounds, but at the same time, the Museum has many visitors who come to hear the voices of witnesses in Australia which are presented in the photo project "Voices from overseas". The exhibition runs for another month, until October 22, 2019.
Pinching and true stories of people who say through the years and miles, do not leave indifferent. You can join this story and write a letter to those people who shared their memories with us.