Unknown dorohozhychi: a tour for guides

Today held an outdoor West of the Guild of guides, who gathered his fellow guides as our professional community and colleagues from the League of guides, the Ukrainian Association of tour guides and representatives of tour operators.
With the interesting theme of "the Slums of Dorogozhychi" introduced participants to our esteemed guide, a member of the Guild of Valery Lysenko.
A special emphasis of the tour was made on the coverage and overview of the little-known details of history of this area, on the complexity of the themes of the city in this district of Kiev.
Good mood of the participants contributed to the friendly atmosphere and good weather. No wonder they say that spring is not so much the time of year, as a state of mind ...
However, three hours not all of us managed to cover. In this area, and this subject need to be further greater comprehensive attention, tour guides, local historians, historians, city administration and public authorities.

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Photos our guides: Lyudmila Gauri, Lyolya Filimonova, Tanja Adamus, Natalia Hodos