In Kharkiv held a forum on "9 lives traditions"

"9 lives traditions" - forum in Kharkov, initiated and conducted BF "Kharkiv with you", dedicated to the tradition, was held in September 13-15, 2019
3 day Dating komunikatu, exchange thoughts, exchange of experiences, practices and new discoveries.
Saturday night at the Museum took place incendiary ethno-party, which included dancing, singing, mass games, dances, communication, how the practice of forum topics.
Interesting topics, relevant issues, the discussion of important aspects of the announcement of the results of the research topics of folkloristiki, etnograf, traditional crafts, festivals, eco-estates, the preservation of traditions, popularization and modernization, popularization and transfer of experience - was in the range of issues that were presented at the forum. Our guide, Natalia Pirogov, was a speaker at the forum and presented a discussion on the debate over tradition and the megapolis.

Photo: Natalia Pirogov Andrey Polop