"In search of St. Andrew": a lecture and concert from the Museum of St. Andrew's Church

Friday the 13th the guides of the Guild have gathered in the Museum of St. Andrew's Church to the lecture of Igor Netudyhata of the Apostle Andrew.
On Valentine's day.Andrew, on Andreeva mountain, in the Kiev Museum of all churches - St. Andrew's happening strange things. Aroma of tangerines, tree in flames, an educational lecture and ... surprise, for which we are so grateful to Mr. Igor!
We were invited to the closed on the restoration of the Church to listen to the Ukrainian kobza and lyre, which in the skillful hands of the lyre Vadim Shevchuk,a member of the group "Chorea Cossack" had guests at other times. And then it turned out that Vadim is not only a lyricist, but first and foremost restorer of St. Andrew's Church!
No wonder they say that a talented person is talented in everything.
And it is quite unexpected was the meeting with actor Volodymyr Talashko, which was read Taras Shevchenko, Vasyl Symonenko and his beautiful voice echoing in all secapelos Church, proberaum creeps up...

It was a wonderful, warm, atmospheric evening. And I want to believe that everything today every thought and dream is sure to be heard up there.

Photo and text: Natalia Gorbachev