Started the Tourist Business Forum "the Days of Hospitality in Zaporizhia"

The Guild of guides visited Zaporozhye / Zaporizhzhia! It is here today, began a four-day Tourism Business Forum "Days of Hospitality in Kiev"!

All who are interested in Museum life, had the opportunity to hear and see:
☝this vdohnovljajuscaja Gudimov, Pavel Vladimirovich -the beginning and the curating of museums which inspired him for more than 10 years;
☝this is a training from the President of ICOM Ukraine Catherine CuO;
☝this is something interesting from Elena Goncharuk, the head of the Museum of cinema Dovzhenko Centre on how to go from the motor to the rolling Museum.

Forum of restaurateurs began with the performance of the restaurant's founder Monica Bellucci - Lounge Cafe Alexander Prisyazhnyuk about 101 error restaurateurs, as well as tips on how to open a tasty business for half a million.
Then there was talk about trends in astrodesign about what it is fashionable Ukrainian food. Well, the cream-soup with black bruschetta on the ashes of hay and smoked bacon from the brand chef Brave New Bar Vyacheslav Karpenko became a vivid and masterful end of the day.

Also talked about trends and brands in the tourism 2020 with Anton Taranenko (Kyiv travel Association) in the cases of Barcelona, London, Amsterdam and others; dealt with head AIR akademy Vyacheslav Pelinovsky why #YouTube is so important for business promotion, as well as collaborated with well-known diablerie, media companies, television channels and brands, how to remove a video that dial dozens tisyachu likes how to create your own channel and not go broke.

It was interesting!