Took another promoter to Pereyaslav

Today held promotor to Pereyaslav. It's nice that every time the circle of interested guests, is expanding: we are joined today by representatives of the Kyiv regional state administration, the Ukrainian cultural Fund and guides with all-Ukrainian Association of tour guides.
In cooperation with the Public initiative "Root nation", TIC Pereyaslav
we were able to show guests the city's attractions and plenty of interesting and noteworthy places in the vicinity of Pereyaslav.
Nikolai Bogatyr, which is the author of two unique routes "Ukraine 1187" and "Uncharted Pereyaslav", generously shared with the Kiev tour guides knowledge and recommendations for conducting tours of Pereyaslav. We are glad that such young and active people promoting tourism and fully contribute to its development!
Guests today got a lot of experience, and this helped us a great team!
We are grateful to the representatives of city and district authorities for supporting our initiatives and facilitating meetings in the field. And also thank the Department of economic development and trade of the Kyiv regional state administration for assistance in addressing transportation issues.
Tourism in the Kyiv region - to be!

Text and photo: Natalia Gorbachev