Congratulations happy Valentine's Day!

Each country has its own tradition of celebrating February 14 - Valentine's Day.
For example, in Denmark in this day organize mass performances and concerts, loud parties. Loved ones, friends and colleagues presented white flowers and greeting cards with funny poems and love poems.

In Poland, all lovers try to visit on this day poznań. There, according to legend, the relics of Saint Valentine is his miraculous icon. The poles believe that the pilgrimage will help them in love Affairs.

In Japan this day to arrange competitions on most loud declarations of love, and in Germany, which celebrates the feast of mid-20th century, in this day to play a wedding or getting engaged.

In Italy, where according to legend, and begins Valentine's Day, this date is called "sweet" day: the main gifts are all sorts of candy, chocolates and cookies in the shape of a heart.

Guides Guilds join the celebration of Valentine's Day.Valentine and I wish you all love, faith in miracles, and warm hugs!