XXI fotovoltaica "Day-2019"

Tomorrow in the Cinema House will be opened photo exhibition of the XXI all-Ukrainian Daily newspaper "Day". This event each year gathers many people today, on the eve of the official opening here gathered a lot of invited guests, journalists and photographers.
There were speeches, awards, interviews, and most importantly, it was an incredible history in photos.
When the infamous American photographer Sally Mann is very accurately said that "Photography is an open door to the past, but they allow you to see into the future". These photos, taken by professionals and Amateurs today it was a lot. And they make to see, to think, to feel, to dream...
Thanks to the newspaper "Day" for the invitation to the opening of the exhibition and suggest to friends, because as aptly said editor in chief of the newspaper Larysa Ivshyna, this exhibition is an invitation to the Ukrainians in Ukraine.

Text and photo: Natalia Gorbachev