Meeting of the working group on development of the program of development of tourism Kini

Today was the first meeting of the working group on the development of tourism Kini, which guides Guild was represented by Gorbachev Natalia.
For a long time the topic of tourism in the Kyiv region was not the main. And it will be good if the situation changes, because the capacity is inexhaustible. And not only because of Kiev or Chernobyl.
Almost 1500 years of history is a treasure which can not be dismissed.
All the guides who work directly every day with tourists from different countries, know about the interest in our monuments. But I know that a lot of problems faced by tourists who wish to see not only the capital, but also objects in the area. We have an interesting, saturated routes. But frequently the absence of signs, infrastructure, site makes it impossible display of an object.
And if you do not start to change it, in a few years we will lose a significant part of the cultural and historical heritage, trading in only recent history.
I have hope that the tourism development strategy of the Kiev region,
which will work in the near future and which should be written to the end of the year, nudist impetus to qualitative changes.
Will continue.