Meeting guides with sculptor Constantin Skretutsky

Kiev brings tourists to emotions and memories: architecture, history, monuments, parks, picturesque landscapes... And he gives amazing interviews with ... a Hedgehog and a Cat-sorochino, Alice in Wonderland and the Little Prince, amazing birds and a Ballerina. These and many other characters created by the talented Sculptor Skretutsky know how the people of Kiev and guests of the city. Without the Landscape alley of Kiev Konstantin is impossible to imagine, and in the parks have settled strange birds and animals and I want to believe that in Kiev there is a place for Stories.
The Guild of guides in December suggested the idea of meeting sculptor and Kiev guides, and we are grateful to Constantine for the opportunity to speak today in a warm, relaxed atmosphere "first hand" to learn about the history of his creation of sculptures, the ideas and plans about curiosities and amusing incidents.
We wish you inspiration! Your works make Kiev more comfortable!