Meeting-consultation on planning for tourism the budget for 2020.

The Department of tourism and promotion of the Kyiv city state administration held a meeting-consultation on planning for tourism the budget for 2020.
Were invited representatives of our Guild guides, Kyiv Tourism Association, tour operator "Chernobyl TOUR" tour Desk "Interesting Kyiv" and other representatives of the tourist market of Kiev.
The meeting considered the plans and objectives of the City target program of development of tourism in the city of Kyiv for the year 2020, in particular:
- promote Kyiv as a tourist destination;
- promotion of tourist portal, listing of the city in the registry TOP 10 international websites for travel and tour operators,
- promotion of tourist potential of the city brand by conducting PR activities and participation in international exhibitions;
- organization of presentations of tourist potential of the city abroad;
- organization of advertising and information tours for representatives of tourism industry, redkach world famous magazines of the world production centres and Directors;
- the development of the Department knockas KP "KM "TIC", event and business tourism in Kiev;
- promoting the city for major cultural, sporting, business events and activities;
- improving the quality of service of tourists and the level of security in Kiev;
- implementation of the information campaign "Kyiv Safe & Nice";
- support the work of the existing telephone hotline, service legal and information assistance to tourists in the city of Kiev;
- creation of conditions for development of modern types of tourism (including wedding tourism, gastronomic tourism etc.);
- the improvement of tourist infrastructure;
- ensuring the main tourist areas of navigation and facilities for sanitary purposes;
- manufacture, installation and maintenance of a 3D construction of the logo of the city of Kiev, and a mock objects of cultural heritage;
- modernization and development of the developed mobile application, "Kyiv City Guide for personal devices;
- modernization and development of tourist and ID-card of the capital;
- development of tourist offer;
- improving the efficiency of management in tourism;
- the creation of a common platform on the basis of the state administration for regular interaction with private sector representatives, public organizations and associations (including event organizers, tourism operators and the like);
- organization of cooperation and exchange of experience in the development of the tourism industry with international tourist organizations (ICCA, ECM, UNWTO), in other cities of Ukraine and world;
- the Kiev tourism forum and workshop Level UP!;
- the special prize of Kyiv Tourism Awards and other plans.
Budmo to make Kyiv better together! Next will be!