Bar culture capital: gastrophryne with an expert

Bearing in mind that a good bar - always ten o'clock and that the person's attitude to alcohol is a projection of his relationship to the world, a dozen of our guides yesterday had the pleasure to become parties to gastroplasty to find out what it is - bar culture capital)
Because we only work with the best of the best, then Gastropoda of the evening was Alexey Volkov - GASTROEXPO, which knows where in Kiev it is tasty!
He chose five institutions - different conceptually, but each is interesting in its own way.
The evening began in the Bar Rhodywhere in the menu you can find rare to the bars, the Moonshine, prepared according to old recipes. And if your tourists want something orginalne and authentic - to vedit them here!
Continuing the theme of autumn drinks was a visit to a restaurant Frame, where this fall, prepare warm cocktails. It is difficult to choose between the pear with rum and egnigem coconut milk!
Next was Chuchvara and her wizard - Sergey Cadaver, who treated the guests to the fact that he cooks, he drinks and likes: chacha classic, apricot, coffee, tarragon, honey, grapefruit, prunes ... Of the eight proposed options every found your.
William Faulkner once said, "Civilization begins with distillation". And he was right, because chacha here is not so much and not only about spirits. It's more about warm chilly night, warm to sit and mentally talk.
And then we went to your favorite and atmospheric Barmandictat - the realm of alcohol, the right sounds, the longest in Kiev bar. Local bartenders almost 100% guessing with cocktails for our guests, ask in advance about what they like or what ingredients they would like to feel.
And then it was a creation of his own already which has a classic digestif B-52 in the bar COMPOSITION.
As a summing up of the evening - awarding of certificates guides Guild Guides Guild each participant astropogon and selected legendary cocktail "Green Mexican", which is in all bar the maps of the world, and who hails ... from Kiev!