Badge Guild of guides visited today in the region and visited the Sorochyntsi fair!

This year the national sorochynsky fair runs from 20 PR 25 Aug 2019. Fair, founded in mhar - annually held in a small Ukrainian village in the Poltava region, where he was born Nikolai Gogol.
Thanks tasty and juicy descriptions of Nikolai, nabrico printing typing happily giggling, and readers with great interest and envy of color-decorated life of the Ukrainian province, was waiting for a new novel "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka".
A fun and sweet spirit of fair flying over the area the village today. Full of life, singing folk and honored orchestras, buzzing salesmen and saleswomen from all over Ukraine, ruthlessly shines the August sun and the smell of Goodies and fresh hay.
Between the rows you can see and of Nikolai, or his Ghost, or his double - on makes a cheerful mood and selftest with everyone.
Over the rural field, there is a growing noisy fairground noise, fun and bright is bargaining.
The atmosphere of the festival remains the aftertaste in the memories, photographs, Souvenirs.
And by the way - great to see the hospitable Mirgorod literary-memorial Museum of David Guramishvili.
Thanks to the Director of the Museum, Mrs. Natalia Godun, congratulations for the warm Georgian and Georgian-Ukrainian welcome with a guided tour.