Today was the tour guides in the Museum-workshop of I. Kavaleridze

When Ivan Kavaleridze said that over time, "...a loss of detail, but the General feeling remains. This is the beauty of life, the uniqueness of its time and... joy. The joy of meeting with art".
And today it is a unique feeling of joy guides Guild Guides Guildfelt fully in the Museum-workshop I. P. Kavaleridze.
Three hours flew by in communication, conversations, conversations about difficult destiny of the sculptor, Director, playwright Ivan Kavaleridze.
In the Master's life was a lot of UPS and successes, which are then varied opalay and harassment. His work was admired, and later destroyed them. It recognized the wrong and tried to crush his.
But every significant artist is not only a product but also the Creator of his time. Kavaleridze was. Two World wars, revolution, proletarian dictatorship, the rise of the national 20 years, sovetchina - he survived all he did, becoming a real lump, Ukrainian Michelangelo "man-age".
Among his friends and acquaintances were Auguste Rodin and Claude Debussy, Haim Bialik, and Ilya Mechnikov, Alexander Archipenko and Kurbas...
No less famous and the heroes of his work: Shevchenko, Olga, Yaroslav, frying Pan, when Svyatoslav the Brave, Amos...

We nobly thanks to the Director of the Museum-workshop of Alexander Unnu for the invitation, interesting story, and most importantly - for the special atmosphere that prevails in the Museum and easily immerses guests in the life of the Master. Thanks also to the Deputy Director, the Alexander Logvin
for the hospitality and painstaking archival work, the results of which he shared with the guides.
Thank You St.Sciences. officer Alexander Savenok for the library of the Guild of guides today with two instances: "Ivan Kavaleridze: life and work" and the "Catalogue of sculpture I. Kavaleridze in the municipal museums of Kiev."

photo and text: Natalia Gorbachev