Guides Guild participate in tradename the seminar from the School of social planning and grant management "the Legacy"

Today in Chernihiv School of social design and grant management of the "Heritage" beginning triadene seminar on project management, which was attended by representatives from different cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Kropivnitskogo, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Khmelnitsky, Chernihiv, Baturin, Voznesensk, Novgorod-Seversky, baryshivka, Poltava, Zhytomyr, etc.
At the beginning of the project managers and speakers Kulinich Oleg (project Manager of Kharkov), Elena Zhukova (specialist in the field of cultural heritage) tantala Buynova (expert in tourism and owner of a travel company) spoke about how to attract resources for projects. And then began the real teamwork.

The representatives had 2 minutes to meet each other and present before the community of his counterparts.
In this way the representatives obedinilis the team and was ready to launch a "cultural landing" - each participant was given the time and opportunity to write a question-the goal for a million dollars - because that's what ambitious projects are born. I really liked the approach and I'm taking such a skill myself in the future.

And immediately after ambitious goals, you need to go directly to the results Your goals. For example, it can be new knowledge, or improve the activities of the enterprise and the increasing profit, or solving social problems...

And then without externo tips just stones among the variety of sources of sponsors and patrons. We finally figured out the difference between the concepts Mezentseva and sponsorship. Also talked about the initial amount for a comfortable startup: Ukrainian platforms it is possible to start with 50 hryvnia, and on foreign platforms with $ 50.

Most important to Your project expanded and grew, need to see and highlight the element of development.

And the most valuable thing happened in the evening - optional practical training space under the guidance of Mr Kazusa from Kharkov - in teams of up to 10 people each, presented their project idea, we progolosovali chose
the idea of the winner rendering of the Cathedral. We got a homework - to consider what might be interesting to a particular tourist in a small town of Ukraine.

So to work with professionals!)
Will continue.

Text & photos by Kyiv Tourguide Elena Klimova