Tour "Shalom, Kyiv!"

Well, what a wonderful walk it! Even cold weather did not stop the guides Guild, inquisitive and persistent, happy really Jewish humor, which always accompanies all the most incredible stories. And we continued to walk around the city and joyfully shouting "Shalom, Kyiv!". And all because of brilliant Jewish names forever carved into the history of this city.
If you asked me, and I can be your Kiev the tablets and the ark of the Covenant... I would answer a firm "Yes". Not only can, but is.
Today, thanks to Jewish center Halom we discovered the history of the Jewish of Kiev. Before my eyes flashed-century music, Sabat singing, the smell of oil and fried fish on Bessarabka, the sound of hammers cobbler Pinhas hollow sound Bouncing of the roulette ball, the desperate cries of the lost down by Sholem Aleichem ...
What secrets are hiding a family Mabovich? Who is aunt Clara, which is known all over Kiev? As a desperate Jewish Housewives of the city influenced the history of the country?
What a wonderful look at Golda Meir?! So, right, our. And Yes, the only real man in the government of the young state of Israel - is she, woman.
Kiev in them and in our hearts.
Shalom! And Hal because there's a dream to share the joy of life, and thus to invite a guest to the feast.
And all this was accompanied by a consummate tour guide: Ian Privorotskiy, you're brilliant! TODA RABA)))

Text: Lucky Swan