Together we are strength, strength in unity.

Guild of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters are a public organization, which unites on a voluntary basis and volunteer members of the tourism industry – tour guides and guide-interpreters. The organization was formed by a group of like – minded guides and guides-interpreters of the city of Kiev in February 2019 as a platform and Playground for enterprises, the formation of new professional relationships, opportunities for professional learning and growth, advocacy at different levels and protecting the rights of members of the organization. In the absence of licensing of activities of guides and guides-translators and with the growth of tourist flows, become topical issues of professional training of guides and guide-interpreters and their professional training. One of the objectives of our organization we see the establishment of a register of tourist guides members of the organization, creation and promotion of new and quality tourist products, the development of the tourism potential of Kiev and Ukraine, cooperation and collaboration with other representatives of the tourism sector for promotion of Ukraine, disclosure of the tourism potential, representation and participation in decision-making at the level of city, region and country tourist information.

As ambassadors of the country, we, the tour guides and guides-interpreters, feel the responsibility for their professional level, which provides high level services that provide tour guides to tourists.


The Guild as a social organization established with the purpose of the Association of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters, facilitating their professional activities, the protection of their economic, legal, and professional rights and interests, educational, scientific, and educational activities to promote the development, popularization and promotion of Ukraine and Kiev as the capital of tourism facilities in domestic and international level, introduction of modern achievements in the provision of travel services according to European standards, the development and strengthening of business cooperation of members of the organization with representatives of the tourist market of Ukraine.