Our badges travel around the world

Badges of the Guild of Guides together with our guides travel the world. They conquered distant lands, go up to the sky, go for a dream in the sunrise sailing, looking for new routes, paths, places, meet new guides, partners, discover new tastes, new horizons, and new tours.
With the guides the Guild of Guides will not be boring, uninteresting, uninformative, boring. Our guides will make you fall in love You in our country, city, yard, street, or neighborhood, and You will want to come back come back to re-discover the magic of travel, to get new emotions, impressions, to get involved just as our guides are addicted to their job, to fly on the wings of emotions, to savour the city through different sensations, to feel life and to admire him.
We will show and tell You about the city and country – will myglobin You in Life and will discover new sensations.
It is no coincidence, and naturally, our badge is fixed in Paris.
Because France was the country of the initiator of the European organization, which unites the guides all over Europe and in Paris in 1986 and was created by the European Federation of European associations of guides (FEG) FEG Tourist Guides . In 2017 France took 1st place in the international ranking of countries that have received tourists. Almost 87 million international tourists compared with local population of 65 million (according to 2019).
Why, Paris, of course, as in the fashion industry, in cooking, sets the pace and trends. To follow the best, learn from the experience, to monitor trends, to be aware of new trends, routes and methods, we believe it is important to establish international contacts and relations, to create new professional networks that will help us to achieve a high professional level and to raise the indicators of tourism report to the city.
Our high and bold ambitions backed by experience, professionalism, sadenly in market processes, active participation in international activities and raising the level of qualification.

Author of text and photo: the Chairman of the NGO "Guild of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters" Pirogov, Natalia (Natalia Pirogova)