Educational trip for guides in Chernihiv.

There are days that consist of some smells, like the whole world is possible to draw a nose, as air: to inhale and exhale. And there are days that are like puzzles, made up of the impressions.
Today was such a day. And although gray, like wet cotton wool fog hid from us the beautiful scenery of the City of Legends, warm communication with colleagues, interesting conversations, good humor added color to the trip.

The program of the visit were: BALLINAGREE BURIAL ground (why Boldina Gora became the city cemetery; heroes in mounds; a favorite place of the "Great canteloube"; why the defenders swear by the left hand), ANTHONY CAVE AS ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTIONS (as dug caves; tools; builders; ventilation system; a support structure), the RED BRIDGE AND ITS SURROUNDINGS (from Gnova Gati to the red bridge; residence Palace of Hetman Pavlo Polubotko; Transformation of the Church of Mikhail and Fedor), RED SQUARE ( the history of the development of the area in the 11th-13th centuries; Pyatnitskoe field; the emergence of the marketplace and "Magazev drevenik"; Andrew Kartashevsky and construction of shopping arcades; "red or red"; reconstruction 2019), KHMELNYTSKY SQUARE (Pyatnitsky monastery grounds, death, rebirth; what unites women's monastery in Chernihiv "of armenika" Basil Kasperovich Dunin-Borkowska; marketplace; recent work Kavaleridze and first Karnabeda), REHABILITATION of CHERNIHIV AND MONUMENTS (Shaft: Spasskiy Cathedral Boriso-Glubokiy Cathedral, the College, the Museum building, the Upper castle, Usually).

We are infinitely grateful to the wonderful keepers of History of the city of Vladimir Pilipenko and Alexander Cooper for the tour to colleagues. Thank you Ekaterina Litvin, Chernihiv Tourist Information Center and the Office of culture and tourism of Chernihiv city Council for easy cooperation and warm hospitality and also thanks to 32 (!) guides that joined us today!

We are pleased that the initiatives of the Guild of guides joined by their colleagues from different communities: from the Association of guides, the League of guides Kyiv, and Museum institutions. We are open to all who thirst for learning, professional development, expand business
Thank you all for a productive day!I hope you found it interesting and useful.
Up to new meetings and traveling!