The partnership of the Guild of guides and tourism portal Discover Ukraine

In difficult times of crisis of modernity to counter the problems and to take steps in the future, developing tourism in Ukraine?
Of course, teaming up!
Synergy of action and unity of effort today provide new possibilities and open new prospects for everyone for whom tourism is not just a job or business, and for whom tourism is the essence of existence.
Our new partnership with travel portal Discover Ukraine opens for tourists a new opportunity to find a guide directly through the search possibilities. And guides gives an open way to the tourist and gives opportunities for the promotion of it guides.
We as a professional organization interested in the fact that members of the Guild of guides had a job and the opportunity to work in today's turbulent tourism time. And, as always, strive to be Your ambassadors, managers, leaders, guides, guides, interpreters, story-telerama our history, culture and traditions.
With us, Your journey will become new discoveries, color emotions, gives the joy of knowledge, will help to feel the culture, to enjoy life, to touch the history. With us Your trip will become a habit to love their land and respect its history. With us Your trip will become a good habit.
Together with our partners - travel portal we invite you to a new era of new travel, where we have been and are systematically working for You!