Presentation of the book of Vakhtang Kipiani "the Case of Vasyl Stus".

In Information and exhibition center of the Museum of the Maidan, the presentation of the book of Vakhtang Kipiani "the Case of Vasyl Stus".
No newspaper in Soviet Ukraine wrote about the arrest of Vasyl Stus. More important in Ukraine's independent to restore and consolidate the memory of the brave fighters for her. Thanks to the recent opening of KGB archives, thousands of pages of processed historian Vakhtang Kipiani to the most important up to his books.
In 1989 the student Vic, a native of Tbilisi, first heard about Basil stone, and after 30 years as a well-known Ukrainian historian has published a book to change “poster” attitude to the poet and his contemporaries-minded. “They also had for 20-30 years, and they also wanted to have a job, fatherhood, relax, dreamed about creativity. But things went awry, because it is the state,” – said Kipiani. He calls his work an attempt to explain that Stus are not now called a hero. He became them in the fight for the right to speak in the literature. According to the author, the publication shows Stus as a person, citizen, human rights activist, a creative person.
“Never-before-published archive of the KGB of the USSR in this volume. A lot of small pieces of paper, as puzzles, are a terrible thing Vasyl Stus. It becomes clear that it is not something to judge,” – said the author. In it, he collected witness statements, letters from prison, memories of relatives and friends that were protected by the “classified” until the Ukrainian Institute of national memory has not made them public.
So read, know and remember.