Presentation of the new creative space Art Space Bay and BAY food station.

Morning guides Guild Guides Guild started at the right time and in the right place at the Postal square, in the building of the Kiev river station, where
Kyiv Tourism Association introduced a new creative space Art Space Bay and BAY food station. My colleagues from the Guild of guides Guides Guild couldn't miss it: it was nice to see familiar faces of fellow tour guides, tour operators, representatives of the largest tour Desk Kiev.
The meeting place is very atmospheric, very Kiev and hope that the plans for restoration announced at the meeting Polikanov Pavel and Anton Taranenko come to life entirely!

The view from the roof of the river station is worth to go up there. This is perhaps one of the most photogenic locations hem)
Well presentation BAY food station - as a journey through countries and continents: China the cuisine here is simple and clear is called "Kitaika", Oriental cuisine - is quite clearly called the "Khu. YAM ", two locations FINLANDIA and JACK LIVES HERE - for the thirsty souls, well, French, Georgian, Mexican - where do without them)) the high point of this celebration of life became "Odessa Privoz "with small, flavorful shrimp!

Thank you all for the positive atmosphere of the meeting and populonia for smiles and meaningful conversations.
Next will be!

photo: Daria Gorbacheva