Offer free walks and tours

Offer free walks and tours from the Guild of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters.

The Day of Kyiv on may 26, 2019

Project free walks and excursions, the Guild of Professional tour guides and guide-interpreters gives residents and guests the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Kyiv, its development and the periods of prosperity and decline, walk streets, squares, parks of Kiev with the best professional guides of the city and feel the spirit, his incredible character and see the immortal beauty. We want to share not only knowledge of Kiev, reveal the secrets, secret courtyards, to meet with your favorite Heroes and Heroines who left a mark in history, and love for the millennial city on the Dnieper.

1. Walk "From Pharaoh to Reiter" at 11:00

Tour Guide: Armless Elena.
Meeting place: the fountain of Termen, Metro Golden Gate.
Language of training: Russian.

We invite You to look at two small but very ancient and incredibly cozy streets of the Upper town - Zolotovorotskaya and reitarskaya. We will meet near the old Kiev fountain of Termen and move into the ancient city of Yaroslav the Wise. We will pass by the old manor of the 19th century, and apartment houses, which store the history of their extraordinary residents and talk about why architect Karakis wanted to destroy his creation, institution where prerequisite for recruitment was the presence of whiskers, ballet and poetry on the tram, fate and love, and more!

The tour will conclude at Reitarska 20.

2. Walk "backyards" at 12:00
Tour Guide: Mykolaychuk, Tetiana Sulimenko Marina.
Meeting point: the monument to Pronia Prokopivna and Golokhvastov near St. Andrew's Church.
Language of training: Russian

We invite you to stroll past the Landscape alley and the Square of Kiev intellectuals, through the yards and yards to show you the place where lives the spirit of Kiev. Mini-sculptures and inconspicuous monuments, murals and a secret alley - not only will we show and tell about how and why the city came to the yard with the ravens, who sends greetings to the fragile Ballerina, why the Sparrow is a symbol of Freedom, which is the most ridiculous monument in Kiev and the monument to the Hedgehog and says "Horse".

The tour will conclude at the Golden Gate.
3. Excursion "the Vladimirskiy hill" at 15:00
Tour Guide: Natalia Pirogov.
Meeting point: the monument to Princess Olga Mikhailovskaya square.
Language of training: Russian

On this tour Kiev History will be revealed through monuments, symbols, murals, signs and photos. This journey, from the legend of the founding of the city, through the history of revenges, of evolution, revolution, development to the present, which lined up over the centuries. We see the incredible diagonal, which brings together two of the most important and the oldest square of Kiev - St. Sophia and St. Michael.

Through the territory of St. Michael's monastery we go to the Park "Vladimirskaya Gorka", where we will get an unforgettable view of the Dnieper river, Kiev areas, bridges, horizons, and we, like other Kievans, such as Bulgakov and Vertinsky, Prince Vladimir, will feel the same admiration and sense of presence and involvement in the life and history of Kiev.

How not to love you, my Kiev!

The tour will conclude near the Ukrainian House on European square.

4. Tour "From the European to the Arsenal" at 16:15
Tour Guide: Bondarenko, Alla.
Meeting place:
at the entrance to the hotel "Dnepr" on the European square.
Language of training:

We invite you on a tour where we remember the story of transformation that happened in one of the oldest squares of Kyiv and move along the Museum alley to unravel the mysteries of the legends that are encrypted on the facades of houses. We'll find a Nude hetaera, which inspired the masterpieces of the best sculptors of Ancient Greece; and Apollo with his muses, crowned by "ancient" temple Gorodetsky. Then Pandemos the Grushevsky street around the former Royal garden, softening the harsh solemnity of the buildings of the Government quarter and remember the story of its creation. And then, like a necklace, Shine with us real gems of Baroque palaces and Venetian mansions of the sugar kings. What memory have left us their owners? What secrets hide luxury homes 30-ies of the last century? Talk about all of this during the tour.

The tour ends at Arsenal square.

5. Tour "Evening lights on the Dnieper" at 17:15
Tour Guide: Lysenko Valery.
Meeting place:
metro station "Arsenal", near the monument to the workers of plant "Arsenal".
Language of training:

It is important to know that near the urban hustle there are quiet, unfrequented corners of green where you can relax after a busy day, watching the evening lights!.. Bustling Armory square we for a few minutes soaking in the silence, Dynamo air from the river.

Visit Askold's grave, which is associated with the mysterious origins of Russia. Remember the dysfunctional village of Kozlovka and Kukushkinu the country and the ancient history of these places: small and large Nicholas monasteries, the Palace of Kirill Razumovsky, taken in Yahotyn, Prince Vladimir, Ilya Muromets, and the owner of the island Trukhanova, brave builders Nicholas chain bridge.

Slowly we reach the Park of Glory, the tragic memorials of war and famine, klonimus Eternal flame at the tomb of the Unknown soldier and talk about the history of Kiev, as there is no better cure for boredom than a walk with an interesting story!

The tour ends on the square of Fame.

6. Excursion "Magic limes" at 18:00.
Tour Guide: Irena Chmielewska.
Meeting place: the entrance to the Mariinsky Park (opposite Chinese Embassy).
Language of training: Russian.

We invite You to look Kiev of a century ago. We will walk the most aristocratic part of the city – Pechersk Lipki. And we begin our walk with romantic alleys of the Mariinsky Park. Further our way will pass Lipsky Boulevard, where we will get acquainted with its inhabitants - the Countess, who was a midwife, a cheerful lady Veselicko, sugar magnates Brodskii, the austere owner of a luxurious Palace, a member of the Kiev city Duma, who lived in the quaint house Limes, learn about the "author" of the Kiev pavers... Come, it will be magical!

End of tour: at the corner of shelkovichnoe and Pylyp Orlyk.

7. Sightseeing city tour in German at 18:00.
Tour Guide: Paul Mazel.
Meeting point: monument to Yaroslav the Wise, the Metro Golden Gate.
Language: German.

We invite guests of Kiev and all who learn German, take a walk together on Kiev city Day! During the tour you will be able to see the most ancient monuments of Kiev; to touch the history of the ancient city Golden Gate, near the St. Sophia Cathedral and old Kiev hill; enjoy a magical panorama of Landscape Alley, old Kiev hill and around St. Andrew's Church; to feel the atmosphere of the gray-haired and eternally young and modern Kyiv with murals, street art and a beautiful landscape.

The end of the tour near St. Andrew's Church.

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