Workshop: Conflict situation in the work of guide (guide)

Devaluation, disregard, neglect, aggression, rudeness, ... go to the person With such phenomena from time to time experienced by all. And we, the guides, working with people, is no exception.
The ability to recognize conflict, understand the causes, to respond to it with the least damage to both parties and was dedicated to today's seminar on "Conflict situation in the work guide", which was held by the Guild of guides. Our expert today was a specialist in conflict resolution, the mediator Andrey Gusev*.
Day of theory and practice to show what problems and situations concerned guides, gave answers to questions of how to respond to provocations, to prevent conflicts, what to do with haters, how to prevent emotional burnout and professional deformation.
Thank you to our guides and colleagues from the Museum of Formation of the Ukrainian nation, and exhibition center of the Museum of independence, scientist Simon Schlegel for the Frank, constructive dialogue and experience of group dynamics!

Gusev Andrey Igorevich* is a practicing psychologist, coach, mediator, candidate of psychological Sciences, associate Professor of psychology and personal development NMP "University education management" NAPS of Ukraine (Kyiv), head of the Kiev branch of the Odessa regional group of mediation (of OOGM), a member of the NGO "national Association of mediators of Ukraine", member of the Board of NGO "Ukrainian Association of environmental psychological assistance" and member of the international Global partnership on prevention of armed conflict GPPAC. Since 2005 he is a coach on topics of practical conflict resolution, mediation, resolution of social conflicts, leadership, development of tolerance and culture of peace projects and training programmes: the National Agency of Ukraine on civil service and School of senior civil service, the Czech humanitarian organization "People in trouble", OSCE, Council of Europe programme "MATRA" of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, ICF Caritas Ukraine, Ukrainian Catholic University, UNHCR The UN are in the process of receiving Agency), the Institute for international cooperation of the Association of public German universities (DVV International), Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Ukraine (ADRA Ukraine), NGO "Information and research center "Integration and development", Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM (USA). Permanent trainer in a basic training course of mediators of OOGM, author-developer of various training programs and workshops on: conflict resolution, communication in conflict, prevention of crimes of hate, cooperation with the police, problems burning, self-injurious and suicidal behavior, Bongo the like. As mediator and trainer has participated in international projects on training of specialists and conflcting this direction (Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia). Has a foreign education (2010 - Summer peacebuilding Institute of Eastern Mennonite University (Virginia, USA). Member of the expert group on the development and examination of draft laws of Ukraine "On mediation" and the expert group on the establishment of standards of learning mediation. Author of 45 scientific articles on the study of personal identity, tolerance of uncertainty, teaching and development of mediation. Co-author of 2 monographs and 7 educational and methodical manuals.