School of social planning and grant management "the Legacy"

Our guide, Elena Klimova - on workshop from the community Grant Management and NGO "Institute for social policy of the region", which she had attended in the framework of the project School of social design and grant management of "Heritage."
At the seminar case studies were very interesting from Elena Zhukova (specialist in the field of cultural heritage and Director of the Museum of cultural heritage).
Talked about the mainstreaming of cultural heritage and how to translate cultural heritage into the sphere of the project activities.
We began with concrete examples: in Ukraine there are many abandoned palaces, often in a state of neglect, because such buildings can not live comfortably without Central heating and sanitation.
Now the question is - what is this wealth to do? Imagine someone had left in the morning on the table of a bar of gold? What will You do? How is it possible to update, to use new?
Now, I went to Europe, with many castles in proper condition, moreover, there are various festivals and events. And what in Ukraine?
In such cases, grant projects become an effective tool not magic wand of fairy tales?
Further, Oleh Kulinich, project Manager of Kharkov, gave a presentation titled "project Rationale, as to the interest of the Donor". It's about what ideas are flying in the air around you, as they say, but we should realize the ones that solve social problems, then there are chances that You will get a grant.
The next session conducted by Vladimir Kazus, project coordinator, and shared insights on how to communicate with the authorities and about the importance of creating the information field.
And in the end, the information part was a report on the development of project implementation plan, monitoring and evaluation, project risk management.
And traditionally optional, but practical the West - an educational space with a mentor Vladimir Kassem "How to establish the flow of tourists to the small town of Ukraine."
So, as you can see, our guides not only give tours, but also constantly expanding their capabilities through training, participation in social projects, conferences, adopt the experience of colleagues.
That's what makes them professionals!
We are proud of our guides!