Noble feast times of Bohdan Khmelnytsky

Today 15 of our guides, ... has traveled through time.
Due to the interesting stories of unmatched Director of the Museum "St. Andrew's Church" (the national reserve "Sophia of Kyiv") Igor Netudyhata, craftsmanship, the brand-chef of restaurant restaurant WHISKY CORNER Alexey Povtoreiko, the team of chefs and waiters, we felt like guests of honor noble of the feast of the Great Hetman!
Elegant atmosphere of the restaurant, the largest collection of whiskey in Eastern Europe, impeccable service, fine aesthetics, but such detail makes guests forget about time and immerse yourself in the pleasure of taste and time!
We are glad that this exclusive presentation for the Guild provides an opportunity for our guides to offer tourists new experiences and new emotions: a trip into the history of Ukrainian cuisine, four course meal, exclusive of drinks and a lot of discoveries.
Now you can enjoy a gastronomic journey in time, which will occur every Wednesday. Cost - 3600,00 UAH.

We recommend the restaurant "Whisky Corner” tourists and wish the chef and his team of inspiration and grateful visitors!

Text: Gorbachev Natalia