Today was not the Anatoly Trofimovich Halepa

Yesterday was the Patriarch excursion business, Man-age, which brought up several generations of the Kiev tour guides - Halepa Anatoly Trofimovich.
He inspired, taught, supported, motivated, criticized ... But was constantly infected with love for the City all who were near.
Among our guides many of his students, and that irreparable loss is our common pain.
It seems that just recently we congratulated him on his birthday... we opened Together our First Conference on ekskursioone "Kievan chronicle" in February of this year: he talked about Kiev, asked about our favorite places and joking... These photos were taken during these meetings...
The guides Guild expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Anatoliy Trofimovich. A visitation will be held on Thursday, at 13:00 in the Central hall of the Crematorium.

We offer a kind word to remember this extraordinary man and see his colleagues, taken at different times during travel: