Local history project "discover Ukraine"
Local history project "discover Ukraine" from our guide Natalia Gorbacheva.

This project was created to show tourists the Ukraine, which do not write guides. In this project we create new tourist routes, organizes natural history expedition, to the little-known monuments and museums. Our goal is to open for tourists new destinations for tourism, showing the beauty of the Unknown Ukraine.
Free tours and lectures
Free tours and lectures is another project that the Guild of Guides pays a lot of attention. Such events we hold several times a year: during the celebration of Kiev Day, the international day of Guides, in Museum Day, etc.

These activities are designed to promote the tour, as a tool for the study of history, culture and are our guides for free.
The project "the Sun of Righteousness Shevchenko" (SPSS)
"The sun of Truth of Shevchenko's Words" - a volunteer project to protect the memorial sign on the Embankment of the Dnieper river, where in may 1861, was the steamer "Kremenchug", which drove the body of the great poet in Kano. In this place in 1989, was implemented the project "the Last way of Kobzar" and the project was installed a memorial sign "the Sun of Righteousness Shevchenko Words", which is on the pedestal of the prophetic word "Prayer" of Taras Shevchenko, written in 1860.
Проект "1000-ліття української культури"
"1000-ліття української культури"  - один з найстаріших приватних культурологічних Інтернет-проектів українського Інтернету, заснований  навесні 1998 року нашим гідом Валерієм Лисенком. Розділ "Мій самвидав" регулярно поповнюється різноманітною краєзнавчою інформацією.