Team building on kayaks

The day the oars in the company of fellow was a real team building!
Sunny summer day on the last day of July 2019, the Guild of Guides held in a serious test. We develop new type of tourism on water – kakovi. Before entering the practical lessons we have passed the relevant theoretical instruction, safety rules and behaviour on the water, at first waved oars on land, have life jackets, and learned about the types and types of water vehicles, met Takovim the center of the canoe Kayak Centre - Hydropark, Kiev. Kayak Canoe Center - Hidropark, Kyiv and its certified employees, handed over the valuables to the storage chamber, perezapisi - and only then began to row.

Neither wind nor waves, nor over didn't stop our enthusiasm and we had paddled around Venice island, about 11 km away. Given that many of us passed this test for the first time, I can safely recommend the active form of tourism and leisure to Kiev, having tested it personally. None of the difficulties of paddling on the open water could not overshadow the incredible rapture of happiness to be a part of this exciting komandno journey.

Spray in the face, wind, sun, waves on water, which constantly interfere with the newcomers, clumsy movement, water everywhere – on clothes, on my face, overboard, rowing – all this does not prevent to enjoy the exciting business of governing a small kayak, consider water lilies, listen to the stories of encyclopedic Guides, watch some birds, who were quite indifferent to us, to have time to Dodge the paddle partner, try to row better, to feel the General synchronous movement of our convoys, and to be proud of each pair of rowers are good to move in the intended fairway.

Nobody was left indifferent to this journey, it was interesting to hear the stories of the instructor, Dmitry Matejko (Dmitry Matejko), Valery Lysenko (Lysenko Valery), Lele filimonovoy (Lyolya Filimonova), Elena Polonska-Sandecja (Elena Polonskaya-Sanditskaya), Majela Paul (Pavlo Miadzel), Ali Bondarenko (Alla Bondarenko), Tatiana Nikolaichuk (Tatiana Nikolaichuk) and others, and to remember the poems of Lina Kostenko Kostenko, singing, counting strokes, take pictures and enjoy life.

And the photos and videos that were made during this custom tour showing admiration and delight. Kiev completely new discovered the beauty of their mountains, fascinating and breathtaking landscapes to architectural ensembles of Vydubychi monastery, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, in Kiev the beauty of the green cliffs, urban accents Kyiv skyscrapers, the train speed and cars on bridges. We looked at the rusanivsky canal, where water plays a range on the spray of fountains, sailed by the group to the monument of the bird, which rests on a picturesque rock in the middle of the Dnieper river and reminds us of Gogol and his famous saying.