The opening of the exhibition Ukraine WOW

Weekend - a good reason to listen to our guides and visit interesting locations in Kiev.
For example, Galina Radevich advises you to visit the exhibition Ukraine WOW. It's a real journey from the station "Kiev-Passenger."
The exhibition was planned as a story about the history of the Ukrainian Railways. But in the end Gres Todorchuk PR decided to show what remains outside the Windows of railway cars. What you need to see, to hear, to feel, to understand or re-discover Ukraine.
Using VR glasses you can rise above the Motherland and fly over Kiev. Or to descend into "Nine", the largest blast furnace in Europe. Walk through of the castle. And to hear the bees buzz and what "sing" stations. Dream in pink car. And feel how the wind is blowing from Sergeevka.

WOW Ukraine is an example of how we need now to represent Ukraine. Stylish. With love. With delight. Narbut, Kazimir Malevich, Archipenko, Apostol Fedorov and "the Breviary" Peter Graves. The most valuable exhibits. Incredible facts. But at the same time - all interactively. Where else to see the Ukrainian Yin-Yang, get "hotter" predictions from the frying pan from frying Pan, to voice cartoon or catch your lucky ticket?

Near each stand - the friendly staff: tell, help, take pictures.
Ideally in order to spend time with children. A lot of space, not stuffy, not cramped. The premise for the exhibition is the former Luggage compartment of the Kiev station. Now used as a space for this art project.

Left feeling wow - from the idea, from the work done from talented people and how we have a beautiful and wonderful country!