Lecture on iconography for guides

Today guides Guild Guides Guild spent two hours in dialogue about spirituality. Among the icons, pensley, the colors we talked about creating the icons prior to their writing about the characters portrayed, debated the canonicity and not the canonicity of certain images.
Saint John Damascene taught that "the icon is not the image visible, and the revelation of the hidden". The icon to build the human mind to the spiritual, invisible, otherworldly and is not a soulless matter, and the door to the supernatural world.
Icon painters say that through contemplation of the image, the soul reaches to the prototype, is sanctified and adored.
And it is important to remember that icons are always symbols, not photographic images. They all have their peculiarities. For example, the Lila on the icons there is a phenomenon of reverse perspective, which is that objects and events away from the viewer increase. In ordinary life, or even in fine art in General, such a method would be absurd. But since the Orthodox icon is a window to the metaphysical world where other laws are in place, then this technique is saying paints have got a common practice.
Other unique reception canopia is the fact that they are the Holy people are portrayed not as they were on earth, with the Holy and transfigured flesh. Therefore, you will never see them devotees of blind curves, or other physical defects, even if in real, earthly life they were.
More interestingly, in the writing of icons traditionally are not used halftones and color transitions, and the figures on a monochrome background without a chiaroscuro look deliberately flat, thereby emphasizing its disembodied supernatural entity.

It is worth remembering that the canonical dogma cover only the most significant moments in the nuances of the same from the masters there are enough options to realize their own fantasies and visions.
On this and many other we talked to a doctor of the Church in art history, head of the National Union of painters of Ukraine, teacher of icon painting in the Icon-painting school Teofos Volodymyr Kostyuk.
If any of the readers of our page, there are those who wish to try themselves in painting icons, contact g Vladimira - he says it to anyone!