Unknown dorohozhychi: a tour for guides

Today held an outdoor West of the Guild of guides, who gathered his fellow guides as our professional community and colleagues from the League of guides, the Ukrainian Association of tour guides and representatives of tour operators.
With the interesting theme of "the Slums of Dorogozhychi" introduced participants to our esteemed guide, a member of the Guild of Valery Lysenko.

III Forum guides in Lviv
The forum guides in Lviv - it's about tourism, culture, history.
It's about the gastronomy of chips and capabilities. It's about trends and brands. On the interaction of guides and Museum staff. About the city's history not through the national mrinalini and shapes that it did. It's about the city as hypertext. And how he tells stories: the singing of birds, coats of arms on the facades of buildings, locations of old films. It's about how to tie all these individual stories into a single narrative.
But first and foremost is ABOUT PEOPLE.
Святкуємо Всесвітній день екскурсовода разом!
Життя гіда - це нескінченні подорожі. Нові міста, країни і континенти... 
Тому не випадково святкувати тридцятий Всесвітній день екскурсовода ми вирушили ... в навколосвітню подорож. Дружна компанія гідів Гільдії провела цей день відпочиваючи і подорожуючи по тропічним джунглям, серед пустелі і її колючих мешканців, серед представників вологих лісів Амазонії. А завершилася наша подорож сеансом медитації і споглядання за тендітною красою квітучих азалій та камелій. 
Похмурий день для нас був розмальований яскравими фарбами квітів і зелені, аромати паморочили голову і всіх не покидало відчуття щастя, легкості і весни, що вже не за горами. 
Перша Конференція з історії екскурсознавства «Київський літопис»
Гільдія гідів щиро дякує гостям і спікерам Першої конференції з історії екскурсознавства «Київський літопис - 2020».
У нас сьогодні був воістину зірковий склад тих, хто щиро і самовіддано любить Місто. Хто досліджує його, росте з ним, розділяє його біди і радощі. Хто за нього вболіває, допомагає йому і хто робить його таким особливим. 
Гіди, історики, музейники, бібліотекарі, краєзнавці - знайомством з вами ми пишаємось і цінуємо кожного: Михайло Кальницький, Олександр Юнін, Антон Короб, Олена Мокроусова, Владислав Дятлов, Тетяна Водотика, Олексій Волков, Олексій Гедеонов, Віктор Киркевич, Дмитро Шльонський, Олена Безрук, Олена Полонська, Ніна Ткаченко, Ярослав Семенец: вам сьогодні вдалося по-справжньому запалити та надихнути кращих гідів міста!
Lecture on iconography for guides
Today guides Guild Guides Guild spent two hours in dialogue about spirituality. Among the icons, pensley, the colors we talked about creating the icons prior to their writing about the characters portrayed, debated the canonicity and not the canonicity of certain images.
Meeting guides with sculptor Constantin Skretutsky
The Guild of guides in December suggested the idea of meeting sculptor and Kiev guides, and we are grateful to Constantine for the opportunity to speak today in a warm, relaxed atmosphere "first hand" to learn about the history of his creation of sculptures, the ideas and plans about curiosities and amusing incidents.
The tour guides in the Museum-workshop of I. Kavaleridze
When Ivan Kavaleridze said that over time, "...a loss of detail, but the General feeling remains. This is the beauty of life, the uniqueness of its time and... joy. The joy of meeting with art".
And today it is a unique feeling of joy guides Guild Guides Guildfelt fully in the Museum-workshop of the Ukrainian Michelangelo. Three hours flew by in communication, conversations, conversations about difficult destiny of the sculptor, Director, playwright Ivan Kavaleridze.
The Guild of guides celebrate the Malanka!
On this day, 13 January Ukrainians celebrate Christmas eve. This day early in the morning Housewives start to prepare generous Christmas pudding, baked pancakes, pies and dumplings; cooked Goodies for setoudeh and Polevaya. And starting from evening until midnight serouse and Malankara went around the house...
Since our professional community is a big family of guides and guide-interpreters, we continue our regular meetings and celebrate the Malanka together in a friendly circle!
Екскурсія для гідів в Будинок з Химерами
90 років тому назавжди пішов від нас дивовижний чарівник-архітектор Владислав Городецький. Саме він став одним із законодавців київського модерну. Створені за його проектами будівлі вражають, будять уяву і не поступаються в химерності творінь знаменитому каталонцю Гауді.
Сьогодні Гідьдія гідів спільно з Музей історії Києва/Музей истории Киева/Museum of Kyiv history організувала екскурсію, показавши і розповівши гідам, які таємниці ховаються за фасадами знаменитого будинку на Банковій.
Annual award of the KYIV TOURISM AWARDS - 2019
The Guild of guides has received the annual award of the year 2019 KYIV TOURISM AWARDS in the category "Best tour Desk"!
In this nomination for the title of the best competed at the tour Desk and other enterprises, the main activity is the implementation of the city's.
We are sincerely grateful to our guides, colleagues, friends, tourists for every vote, for your faith in us and for the strong support that we always feel! This is our common victory!
Guides Guild - in Dovzhenko Center
Today, the Guides of the Guild visited a very interesting exhibition "HFSA. Lost and found", the new Museum and film storage in Dovzhenko Centre : Dovzhenko Centre.
Dovzhenko Centre is the largest film archive, which houses more than 5,000 titles of fiction, documentary, animation Ukrainian and foreign films and thousands of archival documents on the history of Ukrainian cinema.
Scientific-methodical meeting with experts and representatives of the national Museum of history of Ukraine during world war II
Members of the Guild of guides today visited the scientific-methodical meeting with experts and representatives of the national Museum of history of Ukraine during the Second world war in the framework of the signed agreements of the Memorandum of cooperation between the Guild of guides and the National Museum of history of Ukraine during the Second world war".
"In search of St. Andrew": a lecture and concert from the Museum of St. Andrew's Church
Friday the 13th the guides of the Guild have gathered in the Museum of St. Andrew's Church to the lecture of Igor Netudyhata of the Apostle Andrew.
On Valentine's day.Andrew, on Andreeva mountain, in the Kiev Museum of all churches - St. Andrew's happening strange things. Aroma of tangerines, tree in flames, an educational lecture and ... surprise closed in on the restoration of the Church, for which we are so grateful to Mr. Igor!
Educational trip for guides in Chernihiv.

Today, at the initiative of the Guild of guides and with the assistance of the Department of culture and tourism Sciences Chernigov has held educational and methodical trip Kiev tour guides in the City of Legends - Chernigov.

Two-day workshop "Uman (in)famous"
5-6 December 2019 in Uman held a two-day workshop "Uman (not) known", designed to raise prospertown urban themes and to bring new formats of presentation. The workshop program were introduced to new approaches to conducting tours with different formats to attract the audience. Methodology of excursions to famous places of Uman and gave the participants new knowledge and skills how to develop routes, how to pick up visual and interactive material as to incorporate the history of those communities, that in consequence of the radical transformations of the twentieth century have been relocated or exterminated and the legacy which floated in the public space of the city, as they built a communication with a tour group.
Tour "Shalom, Kyiv!"
Well, what a wonderful walk it! Even cold weather did not stop the guides Guild, inquisitive and persistent, happy really Jewish humor, which always accompanies all the most incredible stories. And we continued to walk around the city and joyfully shouting "Shalom, Kyiv!". And all because of brilliant Jewish names forever carved into the history of this city.
The celebration of the anniversary of Anatoly Trofimovich Halepо
Guru ekskursioone meter of local history and unique routes, Teacher, philosopher, thinker, kyyevoznavets, the mastermind, a tireless traveler and Explorer, a charismatic storyteller Anatoly Trofimovich Halepa celebrated its 85th anniversary in a circle of colleagues, disciples, admirers and friends.
In a comfortable and friendly library
Public library named after Lesya Ukrainka, Kyiv-called , under the applause and cheering met and respected Anatoly Trofimovich.
A two-day seminar-training "Patriotic tours Cividino 2019"
2 day super intensive workshop-training "Patriotic tours Cividino 2019" under the guidance and with the assistance of the Kyiv regional youth center in conjunction with the Department of youth policy and national-Patriotic education CODE, public Association "Guild of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters", Public initiative "Root nation", all-Ukrainian public initiative "Patriotic tours of Ukraine" on the basis of children's institutions of rehabilitation and recreation Camp "Star"(the village of Karapyshi, Myronivsky district, Kyiv region) has opened a new Patriotic locations, new directions, new names.
The seminar from gastrocopta A. Volkov's "Bar culture: part 2"
November 19, invite guides, agree with the assertion that Truth is not only at fault, and it may be in other good alcoholic drinks for the second part of the Seminar about the bar culture of the capital with Gastroenterol Alexei Volkov!
Museum Postal: tour guides
Today held the study tour for our guides. Many of you who have heard about the unlimited action historians, archaeologists and volunteers who strive to create a Museum at the Postal square.
They attract the attention of Kyiv residents, officials and experts with a single purpose - to protect and preserve monuments of history, archeology, architecture of local and national significance. They dream to return the Postal square of its importance to the cultural, historical and tourist centre, with the creation of full-fledged modern Museum on the site finds with a permanent collection of artifacts and cultural values, taking account of the monuments, which are located at the Postal square.
Part of the Guild of guides in the Tourism workshop of nikolayevshchina
14-15 November 2019 in Nikolaev preislisten workshop of nikolayevshchina where the Guild of guides took part.
The tourism workshop of nikolayevshchina was conducted with the purpose of popularization of tourist potential of the regions and cities of Ukraine, to enhance the development of domestic tourism, exchange of experience in the creation and presentation of the best tourism products and projects.
In the Tourism workshop of nikolayevshchina brought together the best professionals of the tourism sector of 5 regions of Ukraine, which presented the tourist potential of the Nikolaev, Odessa, Kherson, Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Kiev regions and familiarized with projects of development of resort areas and promising tourist destinations.