Our guides at the XI International Festival of potato pancakes in Korosten!

Today our guide, Natalia Gorbachev, came with the tourists on the XI international Festival of potato pancakes in Korosten!
We are interested in what you like more: pancakes, tertykh, kremzliki or technici?
Wherever you go, in every country you will find variations on the theme of our potato pancakes. But they will be called differently: in Israel this dish is called latkes, in the Czech Republic - potato, in Lithuania - the potato pancakes, in Poland - dumplings, and in Sweden-Raggmunк, which can be translated as "bristly monk", in Ireland they are called boxt.

In the traditional cuisine of Luxembourg is a dish gromperekichelcher, and in Norway it is "Potetlomper".
In Germany, potato pancakes are common called Kartoffelpuffer, and they are eaten or savory (as a side dish) or sweet with Apple sauce, blueberries, sugar and cinnamon, they are quite common in open-air markets and festivals in the cold season. But the dish rösti (Swiss cuisine) is different from the traditional potato pancakes in that it does not contain eggs or flour.
In the North East of England (particularly County Durham), is a popular dish known as Tattie fish, "Tattie" is a local slang name for the potato, and the word "fish" appears in the title because the pancake resembles a piece of fish.
And even in America, traditional hash brown is still just a variation on the theme of pancakes)