Scientific-practical conference "Food in history"

That ended the scientific-practical conference "Food in history", which guides Guild was represented by our guide, Mrs. Elena.
What we eat is an important part of the identity of the people.
The food is "nonverbal language", an important cultural code, which is affected by religion and the historical and national characteristics.
Therefore, the conference "Food in history" , is surprisingly interesting and very necessary, is of great importance. Its goal is to unite scientists from different disciplines in order to identify "white spots" , initiate a question of terminology, to discuss the theory and methodology of the study of gastronomic culture.
Thanks to the speakers of the SCIENTIFIC PROTIC project #їzhakulturafrom the KNU, the discussions were lively and informative.
Pleased and one of the brightest performances from poltavchanka Elena Shcherban, the ethnographer, the scholar, the Creator of the festival "Borsch in the pot".

photo and text: Elena armless