Project 13 chefs / 13 bosses in Kiev

Project 13 chefs / 13 chefs Kiev is not only and not so much about food. It's about Skill, about Talent, Charisma and that our chefs can make Ukraine a culinary Mecca on the world map!

The idea-called the evening "13 chefs" appeared 2015 in Lviv. Gastronomic culture of the country changing rapidly, and needed a project, where the chefs can show off their level, to get feedback from experts and colleagues and exchange ideas. Now serving dinner project held in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and Vinnytsia.

Each of the project participants alternately takes in his restaurant, other chefs, experts in gastronomy and restaurant critics. At a dinner party chef presents dishes that are in the menu his institution or created specifically for the project. The main purpose of the dinner is to show your level to reveal current trends and to contribute to the gastronomic history of the country.

Today the Deputy Head of the Guild, Gorbachev Natalia came to the contest dinner at Tsarsky Bar, where they presented their masterpieces one of the consummate chefs of the capital Sergey Suprun.
Kyiv chestnuts, soup, beaver tail with wild mushrooms, steppe Viper with fruit Ratatouille, Guinea fowl on a bed of pearl barley with melon sauce, oxalic pannacotta ice cream with mint...

Such events generally increase the level of the modern Ukrainian food, forcing chefs to find new recipes and poignant products, promote creativity and generate demand for aesthetic kitchen and eventually change the culinary culture of the country.
We are confident that we have something to surprise tourists because of the ideas of our chefs are great, and the skill is undeniable!
Bon appetit!