The rose as a symbol of Pripyat

If the name Chernobyl is associated with chernobylnika, or grass, the wormwood, the character of Pripyat can be considered as the hips. Once in the city of nuclear scientists in honor of every family that has moved there to live on beds of roses were planted. But without human care roses run wild and turn into rose hips. Today on the main streets, you can see these prickly bushes. The fruit on them are about to ripen.
More "running wild" and is a city. Rather, returns to its original state. Here you see how thin the layer of what we call "civilization". In every sense of the word. And how quickly recaptures its territory nature. And that the traces of looting and predation of man - at every step.
The Chernobyl exclusion zone, in fact, a huge Museum with a simple sky to try to get tourists from around the world. Only here no status at this "Museum," no. Any illegal thrill, getting in the Zone, can destroy, to take away for Souvenirs all the little that remained. If this "Stalker" caught by the hand, and administrative paper – this is the maximum that can threaten for the act of vandalism.
There are now several initiatives for the transfer of the complex "m - Pripyat-Chernobyl-called - partially to leave the village" under the protection of UNESCO. In this case, this area receives the highest conservation status. It's a long time. And very expensive. But it is possible. For example, Japan managed to preserve those buildings, which survived the nuclear bombing. Without these preserving techniques, Pripyat will collapse further and will gradually disappear. But whether such a project, UNESCO, and most importantly, our country, remains an open question.

Author photos and text - our guide, Galina Radevich