Development program of NGO "Guild of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters" provided, but the Charter is fixed, the holding of seminars, trainings, conferences to improve skills, discover new techniques and practices, exchange of experience with colleagues in Ukraine and the world, acquire new skills and knowledge through participation in conferences and various events of professional orientation.

Training: Conflict situation in the work of guide (guide)

Devaluation, disregard, neglect, aggression, rudeness, ... go to the person With such phenomena from time to time experienced by all. And we, the guides, working with people, is no exception.
The ability to recognize conflict, understand the causes, to respond to it with the least damage to both parties and was dedicated to today's training on "Conflict situation in the work guide", which was held by the Guild of guides. Our expert today was a specialist in conflict resolution, the mediator Andrey Gusev*.

Team building on kayaks
The day the oars in the company of fellow was a real team building!
Sunny summer day on the last day of July 2019, the Guild of Guides held in a serious test. We develop new type of tourism on water – kakovi. Before entering the practical lessons we have passed the relevant theoretical instruction, safety rules and behaviour on the water, at first waved oars on land, have life jackets, and learned about the types and types of water vehicles, met Takovim the center of the canoe Kayak Centre - Hydropark, Kiev. Kayak Canoe Center - Hidropark, Kyiv and its certified employees, handed over the valuables to the storage chamber, perezapisi - and only then began to row.

Neither wind nor waves, nor over didn't stop our enthusiasm and we had paddled around Venice island, about 11 km away. Given that many of us passed this test for the first time, I can safely recommend the active form of tourism and leisure to Kiev, having tested it personally. None of the difficulties of paddling on the open water could not overshadow the incredible rapture of happiness to be a part of this exciting komandno journey.

A two-day seminar-training "Patriotic tours Cividino 2019"
2 day super intensive workshop-training "Patriotic tours Cividino 2019" under the guidance and with the assistance of the Kyiv regional youth center in conjunction with the Department of youth policy and national-Patriotic education CODE, public Association "Guild of professional tour guides and guide-interpreters", Public initiative "Root nation", all-Ukrainian public initiative "Patriotic tours of the Ukraine" opened a new Patriotic locations, new directions, new names. Such measures pave the way for the formation of new connections, generate new warm, fun, open to new ideas, meanings and possibilities.