Began in Kiev Museum Forum
The guides Guild participates in #Kishiseit. During these two days in Kiev, the participants will see the issues that will be discussed by the Museum workers from different regions of the country.
This year the program of the Forum will be wider and will allow participants to take part in a General discussion of the most topical issues related to the operation of museums and to join the practical exchange of experiences during group work on real projects.
5-6 December 2019 in Uman held a two-day workshop "Uman (in) famous"
5-6 December 2019 in Uman held a two-day workshop "Uman (not) known", designed to raise prospertown urban themes and to bring new formats of presentation. The workshop program were introduced to new approaches to conducting tours with different formats to attract the audience. Methodology of excursions to famous places of Uman and gave the participants new knowledge and skills how to develop routes, how to pick up visual and interactive material as to incorporate the history of those communities, that in consequence of the radical transformations of the twentieth century have been relocated or exterminated and the legacy which floated in the public space of the city, as they built a communication with a tour group.
The legend of Kiev Anatoly ekskursioone Halepa celebrated its 85th anniversary!
Guru ekskursioone meter of local history and unique routes, Teacher, philosopher, thinker, kyyevoznavets, the mastermind, a tireless traveler and Explorer, a charismatic storyteller Anatoly Trofimovich Halepa celebrated its 85th anniversary in a circle of colleagues, disciples, admirers and friends.
In a comfortable and friendly library
Public library named after Lesya Ukrainka, Kyiv-called , under the applause and cheering met and respected Anatoly Trofimovich.
2 дні супер інтенсивного семінару-навчання «Патріотичні екскурсії Киівщиною 2019»
2 дні супер інтенсивного семінару-навчання «Патріотичні екскурсії Киівщиною 2019» під керівництвом та за сприянням Київський обласний молодіжний центр спільно з Управління молодіжної політики та національно-патріотичного виховання КОДА, ГО "Гільдія професійних екскурсоводів та гідів-перекладачів", Громадська ініціатива "Корінь нації", всеукраїнською громадською ініціативою «Патріотичні екскурсії по Україні" відкрили нові патріотичні локації, нові напрямки, нові імена. Такі заходи створюють підстави для формування нових зв`язків, народжують нові теплі знайомства, відкриваються новими ідеями, змістами та можливостями. 
Museum at the Postal square - to BE!
Many of you who have heard about the unlimited action historians, archaeologists and volunteers who strive to create a Museum at the Postal square.
They attract the attention of Kyiv residents, officials and experts with a single purpose - to protect and preserve monuments of history, archeology, architecture of local and national significance. They dream to return the Postal square of its importance to the cultural, historical and tourist centre, with the creation of full-fledged modern Museum on the site finds with a permanent collection of artifacts and cultural values, taking account of the monuments, which are located at the Postal square. This laborious, difficult case will considerably improve the tourist attractiveness of Kyiv, will facilitate the resumption of water tourism and development of unique tourist routes.
Scientific-practical conference "Food in history"
That ended the scientific-practical conference "Food in history", which guides Guild was represented by our guide, Mrs. Elena.
What we eat is an important part of the identity of the people.
The food is "nonverbal language", an important cultural code, which is affected by religion and the historical and national characteristics.
Therefore, the conference "Food in history" , is surprisingly interesting and very necessary, is of great importance. Its goal is to unite scientists from different disciplines in order to identify "white spots" , initiate a question of terminology, to discuss the theory and methodology of the study of gastronomic culture.
The opening of the exhibition Ukraine WOW
Weekend - a good reason to listen to our guides and visit interesting locations in Kiev.
For example, Galina Radevich advises you to visit the exhibition Ukraine WOW. It's a real journey from the station "Kiev-Passenger."
The exhibition was planned as a story about the history of the Ukrainian Railways. But in the end Gres Todorchuk PR decided to show what remains outside the Windows of railway cars. What you need to see, to hear, to feel, to understand or re-discover Ukraine.
Using VR glasses you can rise above the Motherland and fly over Kiev. Or to descend into "Nine", the largest blast furnace in Europe. Walk through of the castle. And to hear the bees buzz and what "sing" stations. Dream in pink car. And feel how the wind is blowing from Sergeevka.

WOW Ukraine is an example of how we need now to represent Ukraine. Stylish. With love. With delight. Narbut, Kazimir Malevich, Archipenko, Apostol Fedorov and "the Breviary" Peter Graves. The most valuable exhibits. Incredible facts. But at the same time - all interactively. Where else to see the Ukrainian Yin-Yang, get "hotter" predictions from the frying pan from frying Pan, to voice cartoon or catch your lucky ticket?

The next meeting of the focus group on the elaboration of a tourism development strategy Cividini
The next meeting of the focus group on the elaboration of a tourism development strategy Civwin the next year under the chairmanship of the Director of the Department of economic development and trade of the KOGA Yaroslav Cherry and expert on tourism-KTA Anton Taranenko took place in the glorious, ancient, Chronicles the city Vasilkov, with the participation of representatives of the city hall of the city offices of Tourism and various tourism organizations. The Guild of guides actively and effectively involved in activities to create promos of towns and destinations, popularizes tourist locations, the creation of new routes, exchange of experience and communication with experts and activists of different organizations.
The third annual international forum "Creative Ukraine"
In Kiev began the Third annual international forum "Creative Ukraine" where we have our guide Nicholas Vorobej.
This forum is a platform for the political and expert discussion with the aim of forming state policy in the sphere of creative industries. Creative entrepreneurs, international experts in the field of culture and economy, representatives of public authorities and civil society involved in the development of optimum ways of formation of creative economy in Ukraine based on innovation, talent, creativity.
XXI fotovoltaica "Day-2019"
Tomorrow in the Cinema House will be opened photo exhibition of the XXI all-Ukrainian Daily newspaper "Day". This event each year gathers many people today, on the eve of the official opening here gathered a lot of invited guests, journalists and photographers.
There were speeches, awards, interviews, and most importantly, it was an incredible history in photos.
The Guild of guides recommends!
We have started to recommend you places where tourists can feel at home. Where they are hospitably take care of them, where they are cozy and comfortable. Even in the summer, we noticed a hotel-restaurant complex "Tunnel of Love" with a special sign, and recently had the opportunity to tourists to ensure that there is constantly a high level of comfort and service!
On work and awards
Sometimes awards can be very sudden and unexpected.
And the more valuable they are. Because when you do your work honestly, diligently, faithfully, don't expect to be paid or award. But to gratitude, to hear inspiring words, to take up the award in the form of old letters, written to all requirements of the diplomatic correspondence of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Mazepa - incredibly nice and at the same time responsibly.
The celebration of the 200th anniversary of Gregory p. Galagan
The celebration of the 200th anniversary of Gregory p. Galagan United in the national Museum of literature of Ukraine of admirers and popularizers of life and activities of Ukrainian philanthropist.
Program of the gala Academy on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the public figure, the patron of the educational Affairs Gregory Galagan included not only the performances of the participants presentations, the awarding of contemporary patrons and a small performance of "Natalka Poltavka", where the role of Natalka Poltavka, Terpilih and the Election was made by the Museum staff.
Started 26 of the INTERNATIONAL TOURIST fair UITT & UITM2019.
UITM is an effective international platform for strengthening communication and of travel industry professionals from Ukraine and abroad. Every year the international tourist salon "Ukraine" brings together hundreds of companies-participants, delegates, hotels, resorts, airlines and airports, as well as representatives of international and national tourism organizations, diplomats, government ministries and agencies, representatives of related industries from Ukraine and other countries.
Presentation of the book of Vakhtang Kipiani "the Case of Vasyl Stus".
In Information and exhibition center of the Museum of the Maidan, the presentation of the book of Vakhtang Kipiani "the Case of Vasyl Stus".
No newspaper in Soviet Ukraine wrote about the arrest of Vasyl Stus. More important in Ukraine's independent to restore and consolidate the memory of the brave fighters for her. Thanks to the recent opening of KGB archives, thousands of pages of processed historian Vakhtang Kipiani to the most important up to his books.
 Honoring the memory of victims of Babi Yar
On September 29-30, 1941, in the tract Babi Yar, the Nazis began mass executions of the Jewish population of Kiev. Only from September 29 to October 11, 1941 the SS murdered almost the entire Jewish population of the city – more than 50 thousand men, women, children. Only in the first two days of shootings killed nearly 34 thousand people. 1, 2, 8 and 11 October, they shot those who were not on the orders – about 17 thousand people...
The Grand opening of the renovated of the Saviour at Berestove happened!
The Grand opening of the renovated of the Saviour at Berestove happened!
Our guides Nicholas Vorobej, Anna Lavrus, Tatyana Nikolaychuk, Galina Radevich and Alla Bondarenko could not miss such an event: they attended the opening and found the mural "Wonderful fishing" of the XII century. and the song "the Gift of Peter Graves" XVII.
Throughout a lot of info-stands, bilingual (Ukrainian,English), with good clear drawings and diagrams. At the entrance to the temple you can scan a code on your phone to read detailed info.
So happy that the tourists now have the opportunity to enjoy this attraction.
Congratulations on the Day of Tourism!
The guides Guild congratulates colleagues, friends, tourists, for whom a life without travel is impossible!
We are happy that you are involved in what each of you knows what a joy it is to travel, see new cities, countries, continents.
Travel treat, teach, soothe and only depends on you what type to you all tomorrow. So travel, because we deserve it!
With tourism Day!